Miss Monochrome ✧ Review


Hello! This is Meiji here with my third review (✿◠‿◠)

I’ll be reviewing another underrated anime entitled “Miss Monochrome”, under the genres Music/Comedy/Slice of Life.

The anime is by Liden Films and has a runtime of ~four minutes per episode. The story is about an android named Miss Monochrome who wants to become a famous idol. With the help of her Manager Maneo, she’ll do whatever she can to stand out more and more!

“Miss Monochrome” is an animation featuring Yui Horie’s original character design. Miss Monochrome is an android and an aspiring idol who will try any method to become famous.

I’ll be honest, I had no idea who this Miss Monochrome is before I stumbled on to this show. Apparently, Miss Monochrome is a design by Yui Horie for her concerts. So how did a design get an entire animation based on her? We may never know.

I honestly didn’t have much expectations of this at first. I mean, where are the writers supposed to pull a backstory for a design from?This is why blind adaptations usually have some awful or nonsensical plot. This was the case for Miss Monochrome. The writers gave her a pretty unoriginal backstory, but it at least helps establish the plot a bit and it’s worth noting for such a short show.

Despite the lack of depth in the story, Miss Monochrome is still an entertaining anime. Every episode is basically Miss Monochrome trying up some sort of strange gimmick or quirky antic so her popularity will boost. It usually starts out with some small and normal activity, then things go spiralling from there and everything just turns outrageously ridiculous. Due to the short runtime of the show, the events happen one after another in a fast pace. One minute she’s trying to sculpt a pot and the next she’s wearing a Nendoroid costume. The randomness of this anime is pretty amusing and you can tell this show knows what it’s doing.


The fast pacing of the show can be taken in both a good and bad way. On the plus side, it’s the suddenness of the events that contributes to how funny the show is. The viewer begins to expect Miss Monochrome to blow things out of proportion, leading to a hilarious mess at the drop of a hat. On the other hand, the rushed storyline might be too abrupt for some viewers, and the short runtime doesn’t give room for any character development. Still, if you have a few minutes to waste and want a good laugh, don’t be afraid to try Miss Monochrome out.


The characters are all pretty one-dimensional, but the anime is only 4 minutes long so don’t expect much.

The main character is Miss Monochrome, an android who’ll do anything to be a prominent idol. She usually has a poker face on and speaks in a monotone voice. She’s clearly oblivious and unaware of how far-fetched it is for her actions to actually help her become a famous idol, but hey, it’s the thought that counts. It’s her and her antics that keep the show sparklin’ (●´σ・ω・)σ

The other one is Manager Maneo, a convenience shop manager who Miss Monochrome bumps into one day and then proceeds to ask him to be her idol manager. To which he readily agrees. It’s amusing how Manager Maneo can quickly find idol gigs for Miss Monochrome. He’s a kind and generous man and is always the one to apologize for Miss Monochrome’s recklessness.


Other background characters are Mana, Kikuko and Ruu.

Mana is a girl that Miss Monochrome saved from under a bridge. She then proceeds to steal all of Miss Monochrome’s fortune on episode 1. It’s hilarious how Miss Monochrome lost all her wealth in the span of four minutes (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

Kikuko is a super idol that Miss Monochrome looks up to. Miss Monochrome often tries to copy Kikuko’s example, but her plans always fail either way.

Ruu is a tiny cleaning robot that acts as Miss Monochrome’s only ‘family’.


The character designs aren’t all that special, but they’re still pretty good and nice to look at. I especially love Miss Monochrome’s design. Her pigtails have a nice look on her and her armor-like clothes really give off an android feel. I like the contrast of her blue eyes with her black-and-white colour scheme. The dull colour palletes can make the characters look plain though, but considering the word “Monochrome” is in the MC’s name, there’s not much to expect.

On the other hand, Ruu has the best character design. So complex, very detailed. 11/10, 2kawaii4me (Just kidding. But we can’t deny, Ruu is pretty adorable ԅ(≖▽≖ԅ)).

The art in the show is good. I love the way the eyes and hair are drawn in particular. Most of the shots in the show are close-ups of Miss Monochrome, so there’s not much attention given to the background, but I do like the way the scenes look when there’s emphasis on them somewhat.


The animation, like the character designs, is okay but not remarkable. The movements are decent but most of the time the characters just have a fixed expression. I really like the camera angles and cuts though, and the effects were well utilized. I think the animation looked best in the last episode, although the camera angles during the dancing was slightly dizzying (@﹏@✿)


The soundtrack of this anime isn’t special or memorable but I feel oddly happy listening to it. I like the voice acting, especially of Yui Horie (Miss Monochrome). The robotic effect on Miss Monochrome’s voice is cute and makes her more endearing ♬(ノ゜∇゜)ノ♩

The series has no OP. The ED is entitled “Poker Face” by Yui Horie. The song is made of sugar, spice and everything nice and is downright adorable. The lyrics are cheesy but the tune is really upbeat and catchy. The ending sequence is a 3D Miss Monochrome singing and dancing to the beat. The movements are dazzling, and I love how ‘shiny’ the 3D model looks (´∀`)♡

tl;dr  Although “Miss Monochrome” could have been a better anime had the runtime been longer, it’s still a silly and entertaining show and worth the watch.


6 thoughts on “Miss Monochrome ✧ Review

  1. There was so little talk about this show I’m glad to find someone else who watched it! Like you said, the hilarious messes she gets herself into were the draw of the series.

    I wasn’t invested much in it, but every episode had something amusing. I especially loved her interactions with Ruu and love of AA batteries. For some reason I liked that cheesy, catchy ED, it always ended off each episode perfectly! Love your thoughtful analysis of this show!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Honestly,the first time I watched Miss Monochrome, I thought it was really weird because everything is sooooo fast! I mean, how could these things happen just in a day? Haha, but it was really entertaining and cute. :)
    Miss Monochrome’s style is absolutely kawaii ! C: Her cute features makes anyone like her uvu
    And she’s really lucky to have Maneo as her Manager! I really loved the way how Maneo became her manager :) Maneo is super kind! He’s the best manager anyone could ask for 
    The anime is cute and entertaining, yes, but I also agree that it lacks depth.

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  3. While I haven’t seen Miss Monochrome, I think your comment about designing a back story from just a picture is interesting because it’s happened before with Black Rock Shooter. Starting off with a single illustration, it spawned a song dedicated to it and then an entire animated series…I know i’m off track here, but I think those kinds of things are interesting >.>


    1. I think it’s interesting too! I love to see the creative things people can come up with just based on something so simple as a design =)
      It’s just that some adaptations I’ve seen didn’t live up to expectations, as if the writers just made up some random hoolaballoo just to get things over and done with (=w=;)


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