Cuticle Tantei Inaba ✧ Review

cov1 Hey everyone~! Sorry for the inactivity! I might go on hiatus for a bit because I’m busy with school.

This is review number five. The anime I’ll be reviewing is entitled “Cuticle Tantei Inaba”. My friend recommended this to me a while back and I really enjoyed watching this. Anyway, the genres it’s under are Action/Mystery/Comedy, but the anime is mostly just comedy.

The anime is an adaptation of a manga by the same name. It was animated by ZEXCS. Each episode has a runtime of ~24 minutes. The story centers around Hiroshi Inaba, a half-wolf, half-human detective. Along with his two assistants, crossdessing Yuuta and “normal” Kei, they go through marvelous misadventures in an attempt to arrest Don Valentino, a mafia goat. From the plot itself, you can tell that things are going to get interesting.

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